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Amanco makes any job easy

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Leakage can be a serious thing, even in a haunted house. But with Amanco the installers agree to any deal, not even worrying about the setbacks.

This is the situation experienced in the commercial made by Artplan, to publicize the Amanco Super CPVC line. The film begins with a professional plumber facing a scenario that resembles horror films: a father and daughter with a “macabre” aspect, and a pipe with water running upwards.

Supernatural to say the least, isn’t it? Not for Amanco, who solves the work quickly, and still gets a hug from the satisfied customer.

The film underwent a neurological assessment survey, carried out by Nielsen, with the objective of evaluating the strength of the implicit association of content with attributes. According to the survey, “the film is engaging and memorable”, and has “high intention of action”, reinforcing “Amanco’s presence in the minds of consumers”.

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