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A unique shared communication platform, which connects with micro regional advertisers and offers a retail operation in one minute.

The world’s first shared communication platform that enables, within minutes, campaigns that can be shared by franchisees and small and medium retailers.

There are already more than two thousand ready campaigns, and for different retail segments. Many of them have a team of artists composed by Rodrigo Faro, Catia Fonseca, Bob Floriano, and Fernanda Faveron.

Aceleraí offers pre-produced campaigns so that long tail entrepreneurs can customize the themes according to their offerings that have exclusivity to be broadcast in the established region. In them, control and quality of the message are maintained, in addition to the creative unity of the brand, that is preserved throughout the chain.

The cost of these productions is calculated based on the placement coverage, which guarantees a correct and affordable investment in several formats, such as TV, billboards, radio, displays, and social media.

The platform is led by Allan Barros.


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