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Do you know that emoji that we use when we want to relax? For someone with visual impairment, they usually don’t have the same effect. This is because the interface used by them reads only the description of the image, such as “heart emoji” or “crying emoji”.

Inclusion is within these spaces, invisible to many, but which represent a long road for those who experience it. In an attempt to take a step forward, we created the “Emoti Sounds” campaign, in partnership with TIM, who also seeks to enable the connection between people.

For this, we create sounds that “translate” the little yellow faces we know so much, thus bringing emotion to the conversations. Instead of “laughing emoji”, you can, for example, hear a laughter.

For this task, we’ve counted with the help and collaboration of the Benjamin Constant Institute, a national reference for issues related to visual impairment.

The Emoti Sounds plug-in is free and available for readings in Portuguese and English, and it can be used by anyone using NVDA on their desktop. Just install it through the NVDA Add-on area or by going to the project website: